Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Old Windows

I love old doors and windows.  Somehow I get such a feeling about their past when I see them.
If they have an aged patina or even better some moss, I love them even more.   I think about the people who have looked out them, the times they have let the sunshine in, the times raindrops have raced down their panes.  I love this old window more than any because it is the  window in our old farm house here on the farm.  I wish it could tell me its stories and secrets.  

Monday, March 27, 2017

Rescued Flowers

This morning as I walked, I did a walking meditation instead of my usual brisk walk.  I breathed, I tried to notice every thing from the soil that I was walking on to the vegetation around me.   When I passed a couple of trees at the edge of the yard a little patch of wildflowers were blooming.

When Samantha (Jordan's mom) was about his age now (9) she and I went on a search and rescue mission.  We had found out that the company which owned the property joining ours behind the barn was about to clear cut the land they owned.  Sam and I walked those trails so often, we knew where the wild flowers were on every nook and cranny.  We took shovels and cardboard boxes and we dug up as many we could.  We planted them around the yard.

Those little wildflowers that I saw blooming this morning were some of those we dug up almost 20 years ago.  It made my heart soar to think that we had saved them and they were still blooming.
Spread some love and kindness tomorrow, it's important.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Happy Home

We had lunch at our great-nephew and niece's house today.  They just moved into their dream home a couple of weeks ago and we are so happy for them.  I remember when we moved into our house so many years ago.  We were so excited and loved  having company so we could share our new home.

The new wore off our house a long time, but it has a patina of love and comfort.  Every time someone visits us for the first time they always remark about how comfortable and cozy our house is.  I consider that a major compliment.  It has taken on our personalities, a small cottage, eclectic and rather old hippy with lots of books.  It is us.  Our purple front door says it all.

Today we helped Jonathan and Kelsey celebrate their home.  I hope they have as many happy years together in their house as we have had in ours. He's the tall one with the baseball cap, she has on the aqua tee shirt, standing in front of him.

Last week of March, I hope she leaves like a lamb and not like a lion.  Be kind tomorrow, it doesn't cost a thing and you will make someone's day.

Saturday, March 25, 2017


Our vehicles had been covered in sticky yellow pollen all week.  Each time the wind blew, a yellow cloud tumbled across the yard.  The rains came this afternoon and have continued all evening.  I hear the drops falling on our tin roof and they sound wonderful.  Soon after the rain started, you could see the yellow streaks on the ground.  The air is clean.

Calliou and Hook got new beds today.  I thought they would love them but neither wants to lie down on the big fluffy rectangles.  Change is hard, even for dogs.  Taz will probably claim both of them.

We moved the trees and plants outside today.  The house seems so much bigger.  The past couple of days have been so productive.  This was the weekend to get things done that had been on our to do lists for awhile.  I suppose you could say our transformation has been one of transitioning from winter to spring.  It has been physical as well as mental.

We are entering the last week of March.  April 1 is next Saturday.  Time is moving so fast it is taking my breath.  Wishing you a Sunday that brings peace.  Be kind to those you think don't deserve kindness, be kind to yourselves and smile.  Did you know that if you smile even if you don't feel happy it creates joy within you?  So smile, be kind and treat others the way you want to be treated.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Birthday Goodies

The birthday goodies continued today.  My two sisters and a niece came by and brought gifts,  3 new shirts, a jacket, an orchid, new boots and earrings and yard art.  I made out like a bandit.  Then tonight, Rick took me to my favorite restaurant for dinner.  What a 48 hours it has been!  Enjoy your weekend.  Share the kindness, spread some joy.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Way Better Than I Deserve

Today marks my 65th trip around the sun on this little planet called Earth.  I have  had many different kinds of birthday celebrations, parties, trips, dinners, etc.  Some were wild and wacky, others low key and sometimes, it was just another day.

Today was a picture perfect spring day.  My mom told me that when I was born it snowed here in Alabama.  No snow today, just warm sunshine and a cool breeze.

It has been a great day.  I know that it's a biggie and many people questioned why I did nothing special to celebrate today.  I needed this day just the way it was.  The past month had been slammed.
The flu in January left me with a bacterial infection in my lungs and I had finally gotten over the last shreds of it this past week.  Somewhere/somehow in the past few days I picked up strep.  I thought someone had slashed my throat with a razor.  The antibiotics kicked in last night and today I was 100 % again.

The calls and notes and wishes started on FB early this morning.  Friends and family have called, sung Happy Birthday to me and sent me cards.  I have felt incredible love today.  I only hope that all of you at some point in your lives feel the kind of love I have felt all day.  It has been a day of supreme joy.  I have been bathed in the golden light of kindness and I am humbled.

My last class this evening asked me why I worked today.  I answered them with what else would I be doing?  Maybe somewhere writing a new song or playing, but that took place this past weekend.
I am so grateful to all who took the time to wish me a Happy Birthday.  This 65th trip around the sun was a good one, way better than I deserve.  I am grateful.  Life has been so kind to me.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Wild Honey

Though the temperature is erratic, 86 yesterday, today 65, spring is making her entrance.  One of my favorite early spring flowers bloomed today, the wild honeysuckle, which is a member of the azalea family.  In the woods around us the wild honeysuckle blossoms in shades of cream, pale pink and a deep rose to almost red.  The smell is so light, very clean and fresh, not the sweetness of the traditional honeysuckle that blooms in the summer's heat.

Soon the tiny purple violets will appear and then the dogwoods will bloom.  Of course the pines are filling the air with their thick yellow pollen.  My white car now has a yellowish cast.

It has been a good hump day.  I think I might have picked up a bug somewhere the past few days.
A sore throat and ear pain with fever has visited me today.  Maybe it is just the pollen.  I do want to get some spring cleaning out of the way.  My fingers are itching to dig in the dirt as well.

Wishing you a Thursday full of hope.  May you know kindness, and don't forget to spread some joy. Sharing my wild honeysuckle blossom with you tonight.  Isn't it beautiful?